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Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Memory - Part 3

"Gotta go Pa, rest okay", giving him a peck on his cheek and tucking him with a blanket.

 Both exiting the room Fia quickly took a small towel by the wooden table and covered the kettle handle, firmly gripping it and pulling it away from the fire.

"Ia, can you help me put the cocoa powder in the two cups? They're at the table."

"Right, sure", quickly doing as she said.

"Alright, careful now. Waters boiling hot", as she poured into both cups.

Setting the kettle aside, swirling both cups with a wooden spoon, the faint aroma of chocolate fills the air. I found myself pleasantly surprised at the prospect of drinking hot cocoa in a cool night in the middle of the woods. I can see it lifting Fia's mood too.

"Theres some sugar in the jar if you prefer it sweeter", taking both cups and passing it to me, "hold on."

Going in her own bedroom she took a small stool and placed it in front of the fireplace. Passing her one of the cups we took a seat at the chairs. 

Placing my cup on the stool I rummaged my rucksack and took out a jar the color of Amber.

"Honey." I exclaimed. "Let's use this."

Fia expressing delight as I gestured the honey towards her.

"Thank you good sir, I havent had a taste of honey in years. I'm sure Pa would appreciate it too", taking a spoonful of honey in her cup.

"Pour some for me too", I requested. She did and I thanked her.

Sipping the drink, lsilence filled the space with only the slight cackle of the flames. Heat emanates across the room, warming our cores.

"So, what was that about? Just now, in the bedroom. You looked like you got a headache", she enquired.

"I was reminded of something, a long time ago.." I trailed off.
"Would you like to hear a tale?", I asked.

"Well, I've got my hot cocoa here and I won't be sleeping awhile. I don't see why not", smiling as she agreed.


Long ago.. in a place not far from here..

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