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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Memory - Part 2

Moving a few steps closer the scattered moonlight shoned upon
my figure. I can imagine her making out my features. My tattered
cloak from the neck down towards my lower torso. 
Strapped behind my back was a rucksack hand knitted by my hands. Dark colored T-shirt and jeans on myself. 

The door gently swung open to reveal a woman with an average stature approximately 170 centimeters, thin lips with a wearied look. Seems to be in her late 20s. Warmth radiating from the door entices me.

"Al-Alright, you can come in. It does seem colder than 
usual tonight." she conceded.

"Thank you. I am most grateful". 

Entering the door the warmth engulfed me. The inside seem vaguely familiar, something that brings close to home. Two amber colored timber chairs placed near the other facing a lit fireplace. An aged man sitting on one of them locked eyes with mine. His eyes lit up momentarily.

"It ain't much but I'm sure its enough. Take a seat, I can make some hot chocolate if you want. Oh and this here is my pa", she gestured.

"Yeah, that'd be nice".

I made my way towards the fireplace and acknowledged him with a slight bow of the head. He blinked in response. Taking off my cloak and placing my rucksack beside the fireplace I took a seat at the other chair.

"How long you been here?" I asked.

"Long enough, apparently not for you", he mused with a raspy voice.

I smiled.

"I guess so".

The woman came back with a kettle of water and two cups. Hanged the kettle just above the fire and leaned on the armrest beside her father.

"My name's Sophia, you can call me Fia. Me and my Pa have been living here most our lives and we don't got much visitors around these parts. What's a fellow like you doing all the way out here?"

"Name's Ia. I promised a friend I'd come back and here I am".

"Ia? Hm, unusual name. You've been here before?"

"A long time ago".

"Ohh.. I see".


"Fia, I'm gonna go rest now. See to the guest for me. An old man needs his sleep." Pa said while struggling to get up.

Fia assisted her father and I found myself doing the same. 
We brought him to one of the bedrooms. Lying Pa down I found myself remembering a similar situation.

"Get some rest." I said while tapping his shoulder.

Pa looked at me and smiled a small smile, "Don't worry about me son, *coughs* I know you're still looking for something in your travels, don't let this old man hold you down."

"You're not, old man", my chest tightened as a slight grimace crept up my face, putting an effort to mask it.

At this Fia noticed the subtle nuances in my demeanor. We were alerted by the high pitched whistle of the boiling kettle in the living room.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Memory - Part 1


Trudging through fauna filled ground where the trees exude varying shades of brown, red and yellow, the night is encased in a filtering bluish moonlight that cascades over the leaves and bark of the forest. I find myself almost drowning in the blur of the dreamy sight. It is a beautiful sight.

I am reminded by a particular memory.. one that has long past.

Not long after I soon found myself staring at a very picturesque looking cabin. The cabin was settled nearby a small stream which waters gradually flowed through it, hardly making a sound.
As i encroached nearer, i realized on one of the two square windows was an illumination of orange. Shadows flickering about on the window pane most likely caused by a lighted candle being moved about.

I stopped roughly 10 meters from the small steps leading up to the front door. Low hushed whispers from the cabin subtly flowing itself to my ears. They must have noticed my footsteps leading up to the house as the door creaked slightly open and a mellow sounding voice followed.

"Who's there?"

I didn't reply. Both waiting a brief moment before she spoke again.

"Are you lost?"

"Depends on your definition of lost", I replied with an expressionless tone.

"Well.. what are you then?", her voice faltering in slight confusion.

"No.. not lost, just passing through. Although its awfully cold tonight. A small warm space to lie down would be nice", I asked.

A momentary silence filled the atmosphere.

"I haven't been able to see you clearly sir. Can you move closer?", she requested.

"Very well".

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Tale


Walking the endless terrain of myriad colors.
Of fluctuating seasons, though different planes;
And worlds. Across an expanse of time.
Walking, Traversing, Experiencing.

This is the story about a man whose history is clouded in mystery; his name long forgotten by the weathering of time. Walking the endless plains, searching for something.. a purpose perhaps? One might never know his true intentions. Meeting a diversity of people from different times and worlds. 

Accompany him in the stories that he experiences through his eyes, and be enraptured by the interaction with his surroundings, people and creatures he encounters from an array of timelines.